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2 Weeks of Quarantine

The last time I was out in public was 3/13. I saw my PCP to make sure that I had a script for albuterol and to get a referral for a Dexa (bone density) scan. Now the Dexa scan is postponed for an indeterminate time, along with my yearly mammo. I'm officially done with allergy shots after 6 years, too. I had been on maintenance for 5 years, so I still received the bulk of benefit, fortunately.

I have a port flush scheduled in 2.5 weeks. I'm pretty terrified about that. A friend on Twitter posted something suggesting that a person could safely stretch a port flush out to every 12 weeks, instead of every 6-8. So I may see if I can at least go to 10, which would buy me a month. Will things be more resolved in 6ish weeks...? I don't know. We're nowhere near peak, here. On the other side of the state (Detroit area), things are rapidly becoming desperate.

People in my community are still behaving like idiots. White, suburbanite Jesus freaks who clearly believe that bad things only happen to poor minorities and/or city-dwellers. Some folks are in for a very rude awakening. Neighbors are still congregating elbow-to-elbow. Kids are still playing roller hockey, basketball, and climbing-around on playgrounds. Parents defend these activities by imploring that "kids still need to be kids." No, motherfuckers...kids still need to not be disease vectors for everyone else. And there are kids being diagnosed and dying or suffering permanent lung damage, as well.

Lots of chatter about people still shopping for non-essentials where my son works. Fuuuuckkk...you morons don't need to be buying mulch and landscaping, now. These were not essential activities pre-COVID-19.

I'm no longer doing my solo runs on paved paths. They're too busy -- both in terms of walkers/runners/cyclists and cars on the adjacent road (my car has not left our garage since that previously mentioned doctor's visit). Last night I opted for a nearby gravel road. And it was MUCH more enjoyable. I felt like I had literal breathing room. Plus I was able to enjoy a truly surreal and comical moment. I heard Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran" coming out of the woods. I thought I was in the middle of some bizzaro dream-sequence and found myself nervously giggling. As I rounded a corner I spotted a guy on his ATV with a boombox heading down his long driveway.

I'm still finding plenty to occupy me...workouts, reading, endless streaming content (Tiger King...OMG!!), pet care, going to bed earlier and getting better sleep.... So far, I think Cymbalta is really helping with my sleep and I'm mostly not feeling like I'm climbing the walls and holding my breath. I hope that continues. I now suspect that I would have benefitted from this as soon as I was diagnosed with Cancer, too.

Fxck Cancer!

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