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Every day a new nightmare!

My craving for knowledge has a definite downside in the time of Covid-19. Literally EVERY day there is a newly uncovered Coronavirus horror. Yesterday it was a story re: the discovery that some people in their 30s-40s -- without pre-existing issues -- are suffering (and frequently dying) from blood clots and strokes. A friend-of-a-friend without history of high blood pressure or clotting issues just recently was diagnosed with both, shortly after receiving a + test for Covid-19.

Other asymptomatic people are developing rashes, particularly on hands and feet. To think...we all initially were under the impression that lung issues were the worst symptom associated with this virus. The reality is that people have been diagnosed with damage to heart, liver, kidneys, intestines/colon, and brain. Even those who have had "mild" symptoms.

Yesterday I ran a "virtual race"...my first 3 mile race (vs. the standard 5k distance). I didn't race it so much as spend the time thinking about my online running friends who are also participating in their own socially-distanced distance runs of varying lengths. I probably won't be participating in very many of these sorts of events. There are a lot of fee-based virtual races that send participants a shirt and medal, but I don't really "get" the concept of a race that doesn't have a start/finish line, timing, and the social component of the event. Some of these events have people run a specified distance, then record their time...which assumes that everyone is honest (nevermind the fact that no 2 people are running exactly the same route at the same time and under identical conditions). Anyone using Zwift for more than a ride or two knows exactly how that plays out.

I'm halfway through the 45-49 age group and have managed only 3 races. I was really looking forward to a year full of duathlons on my brand new tri bike. Now I'm just hoping that races might return before I move up to the 50-54 age division. Even if they were to be held in 2021, until there's a widely available vaccine and/or successful drug treatments, I won't be participating.

For now I'm downgrading my mileage goals for the year (run: 700 --> 550mi, bike: 3300 -- > 2500mi). My goals are no longer competition-focused, but with the intent to maintain moderate fitness, keep my immune system from becoming overtaxed, and to avoid injury.

Fxck Cancer!

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