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Death is Not the Only Damage

Something I'm noticing in too many discussions of Covid and the relatively high rate of survival in healthy people under retirement age...is that these conversations are missing the entire picture. Sure, many of us who contract this virus will survive, but many of us will not survive unscathed. Some people have never personally tangled with Cancer, and it shows. Survival doesn't come without a cost. The same holds true with this devil.

Even relatively asymptomatic Covid-19 survivors are being found to have damage to a variety of organs...lungs, heart, liver, kidney, neurological, intestinal.... As someone who has survived a fatal disease, but not without permanent internal organ damage/loss, I just really want to slap people who minimize the seriousness of living out the rest of their days without all of their critical organs intact and fully functional. A friend-of-a-friend developed blood clots and scary high blood-pressure. Otherwise healthy people in their 30s and 40s have suffered strokes.

Courtesy of Cancer I'm already missing some of these body parts that Covid can damage. You're a big fucking dumbass if you think this is NBD. Think about several more decades with even minor damage to any one of these necessary organs...or damage to a combo. Trust me, you don't want to go there.

#s are steadily rising in my county and the county to our immediate north...as well as the greater Grand Rapids area to our east. Shit's bound to get ugly before the end of the month. The dipshits congregating in packs who forced our state park to close, yesterday (in addition to the long lines of people shunning social distancing in favor of batter-fried hot dogs), may finally get the wake-up call they so crucially need. Unfortunately, they are bound to throw under the bus a bunch of us who have been diligent in our adherence to safety protocols. American exceptionalism is so ugly.

Fxck Cancer!

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