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It's Been a Year!

Yesterday marked exactly a year since Michigan first went on "lockdown/quarantine" to try to slow the spread of Covid-19. And we did. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has done an incredible job making tough decisions to keep the citizens of this state alive and as healthy as possible. She has faced pushback at every turn. A bunch of less-than-mediocre white men plotted to kidnap and kill her (as well as other state governors). Other members of this same population entered our state capitol with firearms...and then committed insurrection on our nation's capitol on the day that Biden's election was legally confirmed.

But yesterday...on the 1 year anniversary of our state's 365 days of a pandemic forcing us to isolate/social distance from friends and family and other public gatherings...yesterday my household of 3 adults received our first Moderna Covid-19 jabs, courtesy of the Allegan County Health Department and the MI National Guard (and so many selfless volunteers).

In 4 weeks we will receive our 2nd injections. In 6 weeks I will be safe to finally have my eyes examined and get new glasses. I can also plan to have my chemo infusion port on my chest removed. My oncologist gave me the go-ahead in December, but the risk of an additional excursion to a medical facility didn't seem worth it. I can make plans to see out-of-state family that I haven't seen since Oct. 2019 at a family wedding.

Today we are experiencing nothing more than sore shoulders. In 4 weeks I expect we will feel pretty rough for a day or two (seems to be a pretty common experience). But we will avoid hospitalizations, or worse, should we contract the real deal. Yesterday felt like the first glimpse of light at the end of a horrifyingly long and dark tunnel.

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