I have no clue what to put here.
Perhaps some sort of rotating quote.

But those guys to the right...they're snorkeling off of Rum Point,
on Grand Cayman. You owe it to yourself to check that place out.


Leap Day

It seems fairly appropriate that I've spent the last week overhauling my 29g bioactive terrarium that will eventually house 3 dart frogs. I got a bug up my butt to rescape it, and am SO glad I did. It seemed to make the most sense to move it into the room where my 50g aquarium sits (which will eventually be converted into a 36"x18"x18" terrarium...maybe in another year, when my last 4 dwarf neon rainbow fish have likely reached the end of their 3-5 year life expectancy. Mine are ~4, now. I'll rehome my Siamese algae eater -- 10 year life expectancy -- and the eternally renewing stock of Endler guppies), prior to the remodel. Now I can see both tanks from my desk area. It's nice to keep all of the critter maintenance stuff in one space, too.

I removed the scraggliest bits of Wandering Jew vine and added a new little Austral fern and Jewel Orchid. Those should provide some nice frog cover, once critters are added sometime around late May/early June.

Jewel Orchid + Zebra Isopod photo-bomber (part of my "clean-up" crew)
I failed to take many "before" shots, but above are some currents. I still need to add some moss seed and give that a few months to become established, toss into the trash a patch of sheet moss that failed to thrive, and clean the glass inside and out. Part of relocating the tank included rotating it 180ยบ. It had been a paludarium (terrarium/aquarium hybrid that housed some red devil crabs) for a short time. Our tap water splattered on the front of the glass from a little waterfall feature and left some super stubborn limescale deposits that wouldn't scrape off. Hours with a terrarium-safe mineral-removing gel wouldn't touch it, either. This will no longer be an issue, as the terrarium's future amphibian inhabitants require distilled or reverse-osmosis water.
Hot-Mess "Before"
I enjoyed a lovely run in the sunshine, though it was far colder than it looked. That will change overnight. I am SO ready for 40s! Time to start pulling out some lighter/shorter tights and thinner tops. Soon the gloves and heavier hats can be stashed-away. I am READY! I'm actually starting to get burned-out on Zwift rides, too. I really want to get out on my new tri bike. I'm curious to see how it handles on the roads. My previous tri bike was never properly fit to me and didn't inspire confidence in handling. I only raced once on that bike and was already feeling the effects of the yet undiagnosed cancer. Now I'm all kind of slow (at least on-foot) from all of the surgeries and treatments. I hope there's still a ton of room for improvement. <3 months before I start setting some new post-cancer PRs with my new ride.

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