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But those guys to the right...they're snorkeling off of Rum Point,
on Grand Cayman. You owe it to yourself to check that place out.


I'm still standing!

Still NED!

That's not to say that my 6 month scan/labs didn't include some drama. There's always some drama. My new oncologist (who seems very cool and knowledgeable and friendly -- I think I'll keep her, unless that should change) is concerned by the trajectory of my ANC/neutrophils #s. They have been low in the past, but are on a slow descent, years after my last chemo. This ups my risk of contracting bacterial or fungal infections, which would be extra bad if I were to catch Covid and develop pneumonia. 

It's also possible that it could be a sign of secondary cancer as the result of chemo damage, like blood/marrow, though she reassured me that that would not be terribly likely when all of my other blood counts (other white cells, red cells) look good. Low ANC was problematic for me during chemo and required $$$ Neulasta injections for my last 6/8 FOLFOX chemo cycles.

So, in 7ish weeks I'll be back to the cancer center for my next infusion port flush. I'll have another blood draw to see where I am, then. Hopefully back up...or at least not down further. If levels continue to trend downward, then I may be looking at a bone marrow biopsy. Meh. I really want to avoid hospitals for a long damned time. Because of Covid, but also because I have had my fucking fill of them in the past 3.5 years.

Fxck Cancer!

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