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But those guys to the right...they're snorkeling off of Rum Point,
on Grand Cayman. You owe it to yourself to check that place out.


I'm LITERALLY Tired of 2020!

Literally. I had plans to ride my bike 15-20 miles. Indoors, since DH went and gave himself a new injury (first he seriously sliced his right thumb. Then 2 days ago gave himself blood blisters on both heels from ill-fitting shoes).

Skechers...for realz!
But I don't want to ride indoors. And it's too hot/humid outside. And I don't like riding solo, anymore. And I jacked-up my left hip running too fast in brand new shoes. I felt good while running, but by the next AM I was limping. I rode an easy 13 miles in the basement, yesterday, but it's still tender.

I also didn't sleep for shit (and haven't 90% of the time since quarantine began). In part due to a new pillow that was incredible...for all of 1 night. It's really too flat and too soft. I'm a side sleeper and my 3-4 year pillow has become too soft. This new one is also too soft and flat, in spite of being marketed as a firmish side-sleeper pillow. Getting old blows. My neck and shoulders have been sore for months. Pillow issues, for sure, but Covid-anxiety is almost certainly a contributing factor. Thank Jeebuz for my bite splint, since I know I'm gnashing my teeth all night long, too. And I never sleep well after any alcohol, so the tasty pre-bed margarita made for 0 minutes of deep sleep. And it's been warm at night and our big beast cat thinks I'm playing every time I kick a foot out on top of the covers for climate control. And it's Monday (not that Monday has any significance in the 'rona world)....

Lately it feels like I have more days than not where I have to drag myself into starting a workout. I know a lot of people are struggling with lack of motivation and excessive exhaustion from *gestures around* all of this. I have a hard time not fearing that cancer's making a return engagement, especially in light of recent sketchy blood work.

Clifton 5
The rugrat got new shoes, too. He's only ever liked Sauconys, in his relatively short running career from 8th grade to age 19. But in my motherly running wisdom, I thought he might prefer some beefy Hoka One Ones over his HEAVY clod-hopper Sauconys designed for flat-footed supinators to wear with orthotics (both of his feet rotate out to the right. It's a sight to behold while running behind him. My PT friend is fascinated and puzzled by his biomechanics).

1 run in and he's over-the-moon enamored. So much so that he begged for a 2nd pair for work, so I found him a similar pair of Hokas in black and ordered them. He needed new work shoes, anyhow, and does a fair amount of standing.

I hope this means that he might run more and walk less. A 19 year old male should be able to easily outpace/outdistance his 11+ min/mile 47 year old minus-a-lung-lobe cancer-surviving mom.

Fxck Cancer!


Meg said...

Reading this at 5am and I've been up since 4.
I hear you!

Zoomy said...

Oh, no...struggling to stay asleep is just as bad as struggling to fall asleep.