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"Ugly Americans" On Display

Last evening Trump authorized tear gas canisters shot at peaceful protestors outside of the White House. All to clear a path so that he could have a brief photo op with a Bible prop in front of a church across the street (apparently Barr's idea). He also authorized military presence in every city of every state -- upon 0 requests for such action from any states. We've become the authoritarian nation that we've declared war upon countless times in my 47 years. White nationalists/"Boogaloos" are chomping at the bit for civil war.

Earlier today, Joe Biden spoke in response to the nation. The often whispered, gentle, measured, reassuring, and compassionate words that follow are such a stark contrast from what we've been subjected to over the past 3.5 years.
Biden wasn't my first choice in the primary. He wasn't even my 3rd choice. But I will gladly vote for him on November 3. He will bring with him the sort of cabinet that Obama employed. And he is already acting presidential, nearly 8 months out from inauguration. We just need to get him there. The coming 5 months until election will be long and painful. Protests and riots nationwide (and worldwide) have overshadowed the still very terrifying reality of Covid-19. Trump is still doing everything in his power to position roadblocks between voters and their polls.

Fxck Cancer!

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